Betting Super Teasers

Betting super teasers is one of the more entertaining ways to bet college and pro football and it can also be profitable.  I’ll examine what a super teaser is and give you some examples of college and pro teasers that you might see,  and also look at ways you can make them profitable.

What is a super teaser?


A teaser is a bet on two or more teams,  where you receive more points than the regular line.  Usually teasers in football are 6, 6.5, or 7 points.  A super teaser adds even more points;  typically they are 9 9.5 or 10.  They are also called mega teasers.  These super teasers can vary with sportsbooks offering more points all the way up to a 20 point monster teaser.  Most of these teasers do not offer odds that pay very much so it is difficult to make money without putting out a lot of risk.  Here are a couple of examples of the odds you are likely to see on these super teasers.   On a 10-point super teaser you usually must include at least three teams.  That three teamer would pay about 10-13,  meaning you risk 13 dollars for every 10 dollars you want to win.  Some places have the odds on that teaser at 10-12,  which is the same as -120.  As you increase the amount of teams in your teaser the odds of your payoff increases as well.  Many sportsbooks don’t like offering any more than three teams because of the amount of points involved.  With this three team super teaser the bettor is laying the money and that always appeals to the book.  If the teams are increased,  the payoffs increase and that puts the books more at risk.

I have a friend here in Las Vegas that loves to bet these super teasers.  He has had some reasonable success over the years but usually he gives back all the profits from his wins.  His strategy for playing these teasers is to take popular plays and put them on the teaser.  For example,  let’s say the Rams are playing the Vikings and the total is 44.  The public loves the game over the total and it has moved to 45.  He will put this game on his super teaser and will only need to go over 35 for that game to win.  Another example would be taking New England at home when they are a 7-point favorite over Buffalo.  Putting them on a super teaser would have the Patriots at +3 instead of the traditional -7.  Many times when bettors play these super teasers,  they are looking for games like that one,  where a power team is at home laying around 7 points.  All they need now is the team to win the game if they play it on a super teaser.  Some other people I know that play these super teasers are big fans of playing games that are right around a pick.  If you have a game right around pick-em you are then getting an extra 10 points in a game the oddsmaker predicts will be very close.  Sportsbooks around the world vary in how many teams they will allow on their super teasers so you need to look at what is available where you bet.

Something else to consider

When betting these mega teasers is to put the Monday night game on the card as the last game.  Let’s say for example that you bet a 6 team super teaser getting 10 points or more on all the games.  You are fortunate enough to win the first five and now you just need the Monday night game to collect.  You can now hedge your bet and try for a middle.  For example,  let’s say the Monday night game has Dallas at Washington with the Redskins a 3-point favorite.  Your teaser has Washington at plus seven.  You can now take the Cowboys at plus three and hope the game lands in the middle.  It is a great opportunity to hit both bets if the Redskins win the game by one to two points or if Dallas wins by less than seven.

Most of the time when you bet super teasers if you have a tie the card will be a loser.  You want to keep that in mind when your teaser lands right on popular numbers of 3, 7, 10, or 14.  When betting super teasers most places will limit your selections to three or four teams.  If you are able to find a sportsbook that lets you include more teams that is great,  but I will concentrate on the three and four teamer.  Since it is almost an even money bet,  we need to really concentrate on power teams when choosing our teaser teams.   We can’t have garbage teams on this teaser and hope to cover the back door spread with such low odds.  We take the power and hope for a sweep.  The odds are a little bit more favorable when betting your NFL super teaser than in college,  because scores are much more volatile in the colleges.  If teams are going to cover the spread in college football,  you probably don’t need the extra points a super teaser will provide.  In the NFL the games are much more competitive and the extra few points can be very beneficial.

Whenever you are looking to bet those super teasers try and keep in mind some of the tips we have discussed and evaluate if the super teaser has enough value to play.  Many times you might want to consider a parlay or a regular teaser,  it just depends upon the feel you have for your games.  Whatever you choose let’s hope it is successful and adds to your long-term profits.