Guide to NFL Betting

Betting on the NFL

The NFL has been around for over 40 years, with a rich history in the competitive sports section. With this huge success, and as it has been customary even in the Ancient Roman times when Gladiators fought for the entertainment of the masses, there have always been different types of betting and wagering in competitive events. The NFL is no different; in any case it is one of the most high impact and competitive sports the world has to offer at the present time. Betting has always been a different aspect of the social norm, and many that want to participate in sports betting, may not have the knowledge of how to bet on the NFL. This is what this useful, simple guide is for.

The guide will include Where to bet on the NFL, How to bet on the NFL, and a short section on the specific of betting like the NFL betting lines.


Where to Bet on the NFL

There are two primary sources of where a sports bettor can go and place bets on the NFL matches; brick and mortar and online. They both have their advantages, one more than the other, but what they both provide for the bettor is the experience.

Brick and Mortar

A brick and mortar source of sports betting would have to be the racetracks and casinos, which are pretty abundant in the U.S. These establishments, however, have to be properly licensed and regulated when it comes to being able to bet on sports; it is a very fickle matter. A bettor wanting to bet on any NFL match could go to Las Vegas or any other state with a casino that allows sports betting. For anyone that has not been to a casino, it is a great experience to have.

There are a few downsides to this method though. First off, travelling for each and every NFL match in order to wager on the outcome can be a very big hassle, especially for those that do not have very much money to begin with. Other reasons could include the lack of options. Being able to have more odds than just one establishment can offer is an advantage, but being limited to one casino does not offer than many options; unless they are in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks are the equivalent of sports betting through a casino; however, they have many perks that cannot be found at a casino. The obvious perk of an online sportsbook is the fact that it is online. Bettors can access information from the comfort of their own home while surfing the internet. With the advances with technology and the internet, the transfer of information has become extremely fast. This is why bettors can check the latest stats, news, and betting odds as they happen, and will see them in real-time. By having a lot of different online sportsbooks, these bettors can also pick which one suits their needs the best or which ones have the best odds.

A few examples of some great U.S. friendly sportsbooks are,

These should help you get started on searching and looking up more news, stats, and odds for betting on the NFL.


How to Bet on the NFL

There are three main steps that every sports bettor needs to know when trying to place a wager on their favorite NFL team or on any NFL match that they want to put money on. The first step is the most crucial, finding the right online sportsbook. Afterwards, the bettor simply needs to pick the right match, bet, and odds at that sportsbook. Finally, they simply need to place their wager, depending on how big their bankroll is.

Finding the Sportsbook

There are countless online sportsbooks on the internet, so why would this step be so important if there is so much to choose from. It is because there is so much to choose from that it is so important to pick the right one or two sportsbooks. Each bettor has different tastes and preferences, so that influences the final decision, but what the bettor should look for the most are the sportsbooks services and how good the odds are. The better the odds, the higher the possible payouts could be. However, they need to be careful and only go to sportsbooks that have a good reputation and good reviews.

For sportsbooks and reviews Click Here.

Picking the Right Bet

Once the bettors have their sportsbook narrowed down, they can start to look at the different types of bets that can be found, the usual bets are found in the betting lines of each sport. Every sportsbook has the basic three bets on their betting, these consist of the Money Line, Spread, and Totals (Over/Under) bet. We will give a short description of each of the bets later on.

The bettor simply needs to pick which bets they want to wager on, as well as what team to wager them on. This is where it is important for the bettor to get to really know the sport they are interested in; in this case they need to know a lot about the NFL. Once the bet has been picked, the last step is the easiest.

Placing the Wager

All the bettor needs to do now is put money on the bets the chose in the previous step. This decision is influenced by two factors; size of the bankroll and risk level. The bankroll is the amount of money the bettor has separated for the purpose of placing bets; bettors should never mix their personal money with their bankroll, bad things happen. If a person has a big bankroll, $10K or more, they can get away with placing a smaller percentage on each bet; between 3% – 5% of their bankroll. The bettors with smaller bankrolls, $1K and below, won’t be getting big enough payouts with those low percentages, which is why they have to risk a little more of their bankroll on each bet; 7% – 9%.

The bettor’s willingness to risk more or less money, depending on how confident they are in the bet should never be a deciding factor; they need to stick to a rigorous money management plan or they could find themselves with no bankroll. The risk lever refers to whether or not they should place that bet on one team over the other, or on one type of bet over the other.


Betting Types and Tips

The three general betting types mentioned above are the Money Line, Spread, and Totals (Over/Under) bets. There will be a brief explanation, along with what a bettor should do with the type of bet.

Money Line

The money line bet is a simple bet, where the bettor wagers on whether one or the other team will come out the winner. This type of bet is perfect for those inexperienced bettors that want to wager on the NFL. More advanced bettors will combine this bet with the others.


This bet is a little more complicated and depends on the final score. It basically states that one team will beat the other team by a certain amount of points or one team will stop the other team from beating them by that many points. This is a more advanced form of betting and a bettor should be familiar with its intricacies before using it.

Totals (Over/Under)

This is a great bet. It depends on the total amount of points scored, combining both teams scores. The sportsbook will give the bettors a value, and the bettors need to decide whether that number is too high or too low; betting Under if it is too high and Over if it is too low. This goes really well with the other two forms of betting.

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