Football Betting Online

Football Betting Online

Football has become more popular than America’s favorite sports, baseball. Before football became known as football, it was called harpaston and it was a popular sport played by the ancient Greeks. The game was played by trying to score by kicking, throwing, or running the ball across a goal line. Modern football takes its roots from this sport, mixing all of the elements it had and creating an even more competitive version of it. The first football match happened in 1895, and by 1922 the NFL was formed. By 1970, the NFL and the AFL merged to become the monster it is today.

Just like anything sports related there have been those that have gambled on their outcomes dating back centuries. With the development and innovation during the 1990’s, many started to create and host online sportsbooks. This has created an entire community of online gamblers, which in part bet on football. Ever since the U.S. stated that the Wire Act of 1961 was obsolete, there has been a surge in online sportsbooks; a great thing for sports bettors everywhere.

There are different aspects surrounding football betting online, which include the online sportsbooks, football related information, and the process of betting online.


Online Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks have always been around, giving people the chance to place a bet on their favorite sport and team. This idea has simply evolved into being more convenient and readily available for everyone. Being online, the sportsbooks offer a wide selection of sports that bettors can choose to wager on. They bring all of the information together for the convenience of the bettors. However, not all sportsbooks are the same, which is actually another benefit for the bettors.

Being different gives bettors the chance to find several sportsbooks that combined, give them the best possible odds. When a bettor wants to wager on football, they can shop around and find which sportsbooks gives them the best odds for each matchup. If they find the best odds on just one sportsbook, that is impressive. This is number one way to bet on football online.


Football Related Information

The internet has always been regarded as a rapid flow of information. This has been a tool used for betting on football online since the first online sportsbook popped up. This has allowed information regarding football and the NFL to be at the fingertips of every sports bettor. There are two primary resources that bettors use to improve their betting experience, the news and statistics.


It is very easy for a football fan to search and find up to date news on everything and anything that is happening between teams, players, and even officials. This is paramount for betting on football as it drives the odds. Public perception and hype is part of what determines the odds found at the sportsbooks.


When there is an analysis of anything sports related, especially when it is related to football, there is a large amount of information regarding performance. Football is a great sport, since it is always using numbers to determine performance, whether it is team or individual performance. Look at the breakdown of any team or player, and a bettor will find specific data related to their performance. Take for example a team’s Quarterback. They take into account how many passes he has made, compare them to the amount completed and then compare that number to the amount of interceptions he has gotten, all of this is part of creating a logical explanation to why the Quarterback’s performance is good, bad, average. It can be said about every single player, even when talking about the overall team performance.

All of this information can be found online, and in most cases for free. The football related information is abundant and is there for the benefit of the fans and bettors.


Process for Online Betting of Football

The process for betting on football in any online setting is simple, but the bettor must know the basics in order not to confuse and possibly make mistakes. The steps are easy, shop around at various sportsbooks, find the best odds for the type of wager you want to place, and bet the amount that is best.

Shop Around

Shopping around let’s bettors find the best sportsbooks, which will give them the best odds. Some bettors are known for using more than one sportsbook when placing wagers on the same match or sport. It is a great method, but remember to not spread yourself thin, as it could hinder the amount available in the bankroll for placing bets.

To get you started, here are a few U.S. friendly sportsbooks:

Best Odds

Determining which the best odds are for a bettor would depend on whether they will be betting on the Favorite or the Underdog. When a bettor wants to place a bet on the Favorite, they need to remember that the odds given are the amount of money they need to pay, in order to receive $100. For example, the Houston Texans are favored to win, and are given odds of (-115). This means the bettor would have to bet $115 dollars in order to win $100. Finding the odds closest to 100, or under, means the bettor will be getting a larger payout.

If the bettor is going to bet on the Underdog, the process is different. Say the Indianapolis Colts are the underdog, and have odds of (+130). This means the bettor will win $130 dollars for every $100 wagered. So, finding the larger underdog odds will get the bettor a larger payout.

Bet Amount

The amount the bettor wants to wager is also very important. They do not want to place a low bet, since the payout won’t be worth it, but they don’t want to risk a large amount of their bankroll either. This is why there is a rule of thumb: bet between 7% and 9% if your bankroll is of $1000 or less, and bet between 3% and %5 if your bankroll is $10,000 or more. This will help the bettor keep control of their money, so as to not waste it all in one bet.

Enjoy the Game

Once these steps have been taken, all that’s left to do it to sit back, relax, and watch a great game of football.