NFL Regular Season, Week 10 Picks


Nov 2013

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The regular season is now in its 10th week, bringing it all closer to the playoffs. Teams that are right on that border of whether they make it or not may start to feel the pressure. Other teams may be playing their hardest just to redeem themselves for a poor season so far. This will be a hard hitting week, as some of the stronger teams will face each other.


Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings

Even with their losing record of 3-5, the Redskins have all the makings of a great team. They are now up against the Vikings and their 1-7 record. There is a small, very small chance that the Vikings will defeat the Redskins, and that is only if they can expand their game style. They are depending too much on Adrian Peterson, although he has certainly earned that role. The Redskins, on the other hand, have a great way of play changing, making it hard for the defense to adapt. This is where the Redskin offense will take charge, changing between rushing and passing the ball. The Redskin defense will need to step it up a notch if they want to stop Peterson.

We pick: Washington Redskins (-3) to win


Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers

This will certainly be a good offensive match, as the Packers and Eagles both have some good offensive players. The Eagles have a great all-rounder RB LeSean McCoy, and WR DeSean Jackson, while the Packers have RB Eddie Lacy, and WR Jordy Nelson. These two offenses will clash hard, making it for a fun game to watch, and possibly ending in high scores for both teams. The one problem the Packers may encounter is their higher risk for losing possession of the ball, and if they do lose it, the Eagles will take full advantage of their mistakes. Although the Packer defense is looking stronger, and may be able to stop the Eagles rush more effectively.

We pick: Green Bay Packers (Even) to win


Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers

Both of these teams need the win, or they will get too far behind to have a chance at the playoffs. The Packers, coming off another loss on the road, look forward to playing at home. This is certainly going to be an interesting match, as the way the offense plays are completely the opposite. The Steelers play around their receivers, and the Bills around their running backs. The match winner will depend on how well the other team is able to stop the others more powerful offense. The Steelers certainly have a disadvantage, as they have a weaker defense when it comes to stopping running plays. This will allow the Bills to not only run the ball more often, but also ensure a good strategy to retain possession of the ball for longer.

We pick: Buffalo Bills (Even) to win


New York Giants at Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders have it tough this week, although the Giants are not doing as great as a Super Bowl team should be playing. The Giants have the upper hand when it comes to defense, which gives them a good chance to use their offense to the max. The Raiders depend heavily on their running game, which has done well, but not good enough to win more games. This is where the Giants defense will take control of the game, by stopping the Raider running, and forcing them to pass the ball more often. Both teams are pretty bad at keeping possession, as the Giants have proven in previous matches. However, making this strategy work will certainly give the Giants their 3rd win.

We pick: New York Giants (-7) to win


Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

As the Detroit Lions face off against the Chicago Bears, we will find out which team has improved enough to win, with each having a record of 5-3. This will be a very close match, with unpredictable plays and outcomes. Although the Bears won last week, their opponent this week will prove to be more difficult. The Lions have an outstanding offense, with Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson tearing through the defense, with a great performance so far by QB Matthew Stafford. The way the Bills will win this match is by shutting the Bear offense down, covering WR Brandon Marshall, and stopping RB Matt Forte. If the Bills are able to do this, they will make it hard on the Bear offense to score; but remember, games are always unpredictable and the Bears may have a few hidden talented players.

We pick: Detroit Lions (Even) to win