NFL Regular Season, Week 11 Picks


Nov 2013

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With this week’s lineup being a fierce one, with only two teams resting, there appears to be some great competitive matches. We have some pretty high ranking teams playing each other, which will make it interesting to see who can manage to take the victory.


Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

Having lost last week, the Colts are actually pretty pumped up to win their next match against the Titans on the road. The Colts are proving to be a dangerous opponent, with their highly skilled offense, backed by their moderately improved defense. However, this will be a tough match and is likely to end with close scores, thanks to the fact that the Titans defense does a good job blocking the pass plays. It will be essential for the Colts to run the ball more often if they want to cover ground and maintain possession of the ball. In the end, the better offense will make sure to win.

We pick: Indianapolis Colts (-3) to win


New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

Coming off of a good rest, the Jets are looking to continue to improve their record and they are matched up against a team that has had a rough time against strong defensive teams, the Bills. The Bills showed their weaknesses last week when they lost against the Steelers, which may give the Jets a big advantage during their match. This isn’t going to be an easy match though, with the Jets having trouble maintaining good possession of the ball. This may give the Bills defense just enough to keep their offense on the field for more time. The Bills offense has done a great job of getting the ball down the field, but has a hard time of actually scoring, but this will certainly be a match where any point made is vital.

We pick: Buffalo Bills (Even) to win


Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers defense is looking better than it has all season, and that also goes for their offense. They managed to beat the Bills last week, where they dominated the pace of the game. The Lions have continuously showed that they can be a match favorite, and may prove to be a tough opponent for the Steelers. The offense of the Lions has shown that they are able to adapt, by running the ball with Reggie Bush or throwing it to the WR Calvin Johnson. If the Steeler defense plays just as good, or better than they did last week, being able to shut down the pass and run plays, they will have a chance to beat the Lions.

We pick: Pittsburgh Steelers (+3) to win


Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans

The Texans have not been able to win but two games this entire season, and it isn’t due to the lack of talent on their team. They have an amazing team lineup, allowing them to be a better than average offense and defense; they are truly what a great team looks like, but they simply cannot finish their games with a win. The Raiders have not had a great season either, showing how they lack a better passing offense. This is what will give the Texans the victory in the end, being able to step the Raiders running, and being able to overpower them with their better offense.

We pick: Houston Texans (-7) to win


Green Bay Packers at New York Giants

These two teams started out as Super Bowl favorites, but quickly showed how much they lacked. The Giants unable to get back into their usual groove, while the Packers having many big mistakes that have given them 4 losses. However, these two teams seem to have improved and are trying to take back their rightful place at the top. It will come down to which team has the better defense, as they both have great offenses; although the Packers have a better rushing game. The Packer defense will need to step up their game and stop Eli Manning passes if they want to win. The Giants certainly have an advantage with their better overall defense, but I believe the Packer defense will not let us down this next match.

We pick: Green Bay Packers (+6) to win