Daily Fantasy Football Lineup Tips for NFL Week 1


Sep 2015

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If you are playing daily fantasy sports – NFL this week, there are some things you should know. I will give you those and then give you some specific thoughts for week 1.

Things to Do while Constructing Lineup

This may sound obvious, but make sure you check the injury report. The NFL is tricky, because you get questionable or doubtful, all the way up until nearly game time. Keep an eye on the injury report, and play any questionable games pending on your risk tolerance.

  • Keep an eye on the weather in different locations – If there is heavy wind, it may be difficult to pass; which would hurt quarterbacks and possibly help running backs. There are several weather issues; be sure you have an idea what’s going on.
  • Know the tendencies of teams – For example, if a team is heavily relying on running the football, it may not be a great idea to use the quarterback of that team. Not certainly, game plans change, but you should always have an idea of what each team does.

Contrarian Play possibility

Certainly Davante Adams is going to be one of the top owned players in Week 1. With Jordy Nelson out and Randall Cobb with a nagging injury, folks have certainly turned to Adams against the Bears defense. If you want to be contrarian, certainly staying away from Adams would assist that.

deandre_hopkins_groovehouseCheaper Wide Receiver Option

DeAndre Hopkins is certainly my pick to click in Week 1. Hopkins has a new quarterback in Brian Hoyer, but is also missing his top running back. The Texans are going to throw the football and Hopkins is far and away the top choice in Houston. Hopkins is priced fair on my daily fantasy sports sites, so certainly a guy I will take a chance on.

Veteran Receiver Option

The other wide receiver I want to use for Sunday is Andre Johnson. T.Y. Hilton is the guy we all have heard of in Indianapolis, and certainly for a great reason. Hilton is a speedy, talented receiver. But, Johnson is the crafty veteran that Andrew Luck can turn to. Look for Johnson to have a great start in Indianapolis. If you don’t want to pay up for a top receiver in Week 1; take a look at Andre Johnson.

Pay big Money for the Running Back

At the running back spot, if you are wanting to pay-up, I personally like Matt Forte. The Packers are his opponent, and early Chicago is going to try to keep the score down, by running the football. Forte has also been a solid PPR option. I like Matt Forte in Week 1.

Best of luck playing daily fantasy sports this weekend. Remember, some games start on Thursday, while others will get going right at kick-off on Sunday. Use good bankroll management, and remember it’s a marathon season, not a sprint!