Indianapolis Colts Go 0-2 With Poor Football Permformance


Sep 2015

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Football teams with 0-2 record

With only two weeks into the NFL football regular season and there are teams that are already showing how bad they can perform, and some may even prove experts and predictions wrong. For instance, one of the top favorites to win the Super Bowl are the Indianapolis Colts, and yet they are among the top disappointments so far this season. They may not be the only team that has been performing at such a poor rate, so the other teams also deserve a quick mention.

Indianapolis Colts

They are or were one of the top rated and anticipated teams for this 2015 season and yet they have shown they are not really into this sport. They lost their first game against the Buffalo Bills, but their latest defeat at home, against the Jets, has everyone stunned. During a 10-minute drive at the start of the second half, they managed to make it to the two-yard line, and yet, they were unable to score.

The team is simply not looking good when they are on the field, as if they had no motivation to play and win. On top of that, they will have a tough 7-week’s once Week 5 arrives, as they will play against Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan and Ben Roethlisberger. If they are not performing to the hype they have received, they will certainly meet defeat when facing these top teams.

Other 0-2 NFL Teams

Along with the Colts, there are a total of eight other teams that have a 0-2 record so far. Some of the teams you would not have expected to be on this list, as they are rated high among fans and analysts. These teams have plenty to worry about when it comes to their future this season.

  • New Orleans Saints, as Drew Brees could miss a few games due to injury.
  • Houston Texans, has offensive problems, and J.J. Watt is awesome, but not a god.
  • New York Giants, even with Manning getting a big contract, it doesn’t take away the fact that the team isn’t better than they were a year ago.
  • Detroit Lions, defensive line is lacking and struggles.
  • Baltimore Ravens, their offense has hope, but their running game still needs to improve, a lot.
  • Philadelphia Eagles, with a head coach that isn’t looking to change strategies, the offense is just as expected.
  • Seattle Seahawks, the offense is having a slow time getting there, and the defense is just not what it was from last year.

With the Seahawks in this group it seems surreal that the Colts and Seahawks were once at the top of the power rankings, and sportsbooks gave them amazing odds at winning the Super Bowl. Things can change very quickly in football, so who knows, these teams could have an amazing comeback.